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  • John Rethwisch
    I first ran across Manchester Muncie's web site this last winter. I had a Muncie that I needed to rebuild but had some questions that I needed answered before I started sticking some money into it and Bruce told me what I needed to know. The Muncie is in and working great. Thanks Bruce, great knowledge, great service, and great prices-----------in this case it's 3 strikes and you win!!!
  • Gilbert Barron
    Somewhere along the line I missplaced my original shifter grommets on my '65 Chevelle SS and have searched long and hard for these elusive little buggers. I even tried looking at alternative rubber bushings/grommets to use but none would work. Luckily I stumbled upon this website and much to my surprise there they were. Manchester Muncies must be the only place on the planet that carries them. Manchester Muncies even provided USPS tracking information as a courtesy, First Rate Service! Thank You!
  • Chad
    I recently purchased a rebuilt Hurst shifter from Manchester Muncies for my 65 Corvette. Bruce did a great job building the shifter. It looked brand new when i received it and it works perfect. Quick shipping, and he is very helpful when calling him for questions. Thank you.
  • Rick Nygaard
    I have purchased shifter parts from Manchester Muncie and it was a breeze. I am now finishing my 65 Chevelle and was going to fix the small leak in my muncie. Imagine my suprise to find the oil slinger in backwards (chewing up the bearing retainer) and other issues. Bruce has gone above and beyond answering my questions. So that I can be a informed buyer. Thank you Bruce and Manchester Muncies!
  • My Chevelle's Tranny - Muncie M-20
    When I originally purchased my car, it was missing both the engine and tranny. The car didn't have an column shift setup and the dash and column were still the original shade of black. The center tranny tunnel looked like it had been cut out larger than needed on one side, but was told this car was raced at a local drag strip for a few years before I got it. It only had a automatic pedal setup at the time, but in the trunk I found a manual pedal assembly along with the z-bar, etc. I was pleased to find all the brackets factory welded to the frame for the factory 4-speed. I was just missing the center console to put between the bucket seats.

    Couple years after I got this car running with a 350 and TH-350 tranny, I started to try to find a Muncie for it. I had a hard time finding one cause noone in my area wanted to part with them, I even knew some guys were buying cars at auctions just for the Muncie. A friend from high school happened to end up with a spare Muncie, but at that time I didn't know how to tell if it was a M-20 or M-21, and we sure didn't know there was a difference in the years. So I purchased the Muncie from him and placed it in storage. I knew I would be restoring my Chevelle and figured it was better to have something to start with then have nothing at all.

    After I purchased my first house 14 years after I bought my car. I finally had a place to build my high school hot rod like it was meant to be. I started looking into Muncies and found out that the tranny I had was a 1964 M-20 tranny. And further research showed that in 1966, the Muncies changed from a 7/8th inch counter shaft pin to a 1 inch pin. So I started looking again, and found a guy that had been rebuilding Muncies on and off for 30 years. I had him build me a 66-67 cased Muncie M-20 4-speed. It was built using all new internals and the guy that built it was trustworthy and honest. And I got exactly what I wanted. His business is Manchester Muncies out of Manchester, Iowa.
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