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Manchester Muncies is a business started in 2002 which rebuilds show quality Muncie 4 speed transmissions and refurbishes items relating to such for mainly 64 thru 74 GM products. My main thrust is rebuilding units supplied by the customer but I also will have units posted for sale as well from time to time.

I started this business at that time to build it into a part time business to supplement my retirement income after working nearly 34 years for the State of Iowa.

In 2007 I built a 2 story 28 x 42 shop and added $10,000.000 worth of new equipment. I'm now in the process of expanding to other sales avenues other than Ebay to broaden my exposure.

Having said that I am a ONE MAN operation and have no intentions of becoming a large company. I just want to provide a quality product using the experience I've gained over the last 40 years of being associated with the hot rod industry. As noted above I'm not set up for international sales. Sorry.

I've posted pictures of some of my work thru out the website and you can click here to read testimonials. Hopefully this will give you and idea of what I do and the kind of work to expect.

Thanks for viewing my site!

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